New Cell Phone Tracking Software Revealed

A fresh program was released and it is already igniting excitement and controversy equally. Gentlemen and ladies, I introduce to you the iPhone 4 spy program. A company named SpyMug spy app published a new program to function as the swiss army knife of the spy, and it is the first of almost any firm to perform anything. These are the men and women who’ve introduced applications for the systems, which means that they appear to have cornered the spy marketplace that is technical. This is the one, of all of the mobile phone tracking software on the market.

Here is what you can expect from the new program:

GPS Tracking – Once set up, the device’s location could be monitored remotely for one to view.

Text Candles – All SMS messages may be read, whether incoming or outgoing, even when they have been deleted.

Email Spying – Incoming and incoming emails may be tracked the exact same manner as texts.

Stealth Mode – The consumer is unaware of their software presence, since it runs undetectably supporting other programs.

Telephone Log Viewer – Each of the telephone logs could be recalled and seen, in addition to the caller along with date/time stamps.

Browser Logs – Each seen webpage can be remembered later.

Contact List Recorder – All of the contacts on the telephone will also be available.

As cool as these features are, they are not without the slightest hassle: the goal’s phone has to be jail broken. The practice is painless and fast, however, it must happen before the program will operate. What’s more tracking attributes can be toggled off or on, giving you. As the mobile phone monitoring software available for your iPhone, it might not be too hard of a market.